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Agricultural machinery

A feature of the design of agricultural machinery is the presence of a large number of fastenings and connections of units with rubber bushings and silent blocks, which operate under conditions of increased loads (vibration, rupture). Such operating conditions lead to rapid wear of the elastic connections of silent blocks.

Disadvantages of rubber silent blocks for agricultural machinery

Manufacturers mainly use rubber silent blocks for agricultural machinery, which have a number of significant disadvantages. Among the main ones are the fragility of the material and its tendency to rupture. In addition, during operation the rubber bushing loses its elasticity. After this, abrasive materials (dust, dirt) get into the joints of the silent blocks, which accelerate the wear of the entire assembly.

Modern technologies offer an alternative - replacing conventional silent blocks with polymer ones, which are based on polyurethane, which has a number of advantages.

Polyurethane components from PoliPro

The manufacturer PolyPro produces polyurethane spare parts not only for popular models of cars and trucks, but also for agricultural machinery. The main component is 3-component polyurethane made in France. The properties of the material make it possible to produce almost any spare part where rubber is used, with the ability to change some characteristics (for example, the degree of rigidity).

The main advantages of polyurethane spare parts include:

  • Wear resistance. The service life of the bushings increases by 2–4 times compared to original components.
  • Variable polymer hardness (from 45 to 90 Shore units).
  • Resistance to stretching.
  • Vibration resistance. Polyurethane does not crack during shocks and vibrations.
  • Maintains performance over a wide temperature range. The material does not tan at low temperatures and does not lose elasticity at high temperatures.
  • Manufacturer's quality guarantee. PolyPro provides a 1 year warranty on all products without additional restrictions.

Buying an original rubber bushing for imported agricultural machinery in Ukraine can be problematic. This is primarily due to delivery times from abroad and the price of spare parts. Buying a polyurethane analogue will save not only time, but also money.

Individual order

On the PolyPro website you can buy popular polyurethane spare parts for agricultural machinery Case, Claas, Caterpillar, New Holland, John Deere and others.

If necessary, the required part can be made individually to order by sending the dimensions and description (article, serial number, model) to the manager. In addition, you can regenerate a part by sending it by mail to us. This option involves restoring the entire unit taking into account output, allowing you to significantly save time and money.

Where to buy spare parts for agricultural machinery made of polyurethane

In the PolyPro online store you can buy polyurethane bushings and silent blocks for agricultural machinery. If necessary, you can leave a request on the website and specialists will help you choose the required spare part or produce it to order.

Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine by Nova Poshta. All parts from PoliPro are covered by a one-year warranty without additional conditions at an affordable price.