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Warranty / Complaint

Warranty / Complaint

All products for passenger cars are guaranteed for 1 year, regardless of mileage. For each separate order, a warranty card with the expiration date of the warranty and a list of the products in the order is drawn up and attached. We are confident in the quality of our products, and therefore, in the event of a warranty case, you do not need to provide documents about the installation, which most sellers of spare parts require, just in order to refuse a warranty replacement. We do not ask the question: "How far did the car go? What roads did you drive on?".

All that is required of you is to keep the warranty card.

The warranty consists in replacing the defective part with a new one in the case of silent blocks and stabilizer bushings, or in all other cases, to carry out a free reconstruction of your failed part.

If the warranty part is available, the replacement part will be sent to you within 3 working days. If it is not available, the replacement or reconstruction is carried out on a first-come, first-served basis.

For this you need:

  • Provide a photo of the warranty card.
  • If one part failed, provide a photo of the defective part.
  • If two or more parts fail, you must provide a video in one frame without pauses, interruptions, and stops.
  • In case of a warranty case of a reconstructed part, this part must be sent to us for re-filling.

In rare cases, the manager may request that a part be sent to determine the cause of the defect. The warranty starts from the moment the customer picks up the parcel from the transport company branch or from the delivery point and ends one day earlier after one year. For example, if the order was picked up on June 15, the warranty is valid until June 14 of the following year. In the event of a warranty event, a new warranty card is not issued, the validity period of the previous warranty does not change.

The warranty applies to silent blocks in orange corporate color and standard hardness.

The guarantee is not provided in the following cases:

On silent blocks of a different color and hardness.

For products for special equipment, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles (for all cars that do not fall under the category of passenger cars)

For accessories and equipment products

For all parts for medical cars that are not selected according to the Vin-code, but by eye or at the discretion of the client

For all products that were produced under the individual request of the client

Dear customers, if you have technical questions, problems with installation, suspicion of a warranty case or complaint, or you just want to talk about life, please contact a specialist of the technical department in a messenger convenient for you in writing.

Viber Run here

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and our specialist will try to help you as soon as possible

Engine cushion warranty is provided EXCLUSIVELY for our work! We guarantee that the polyurethane will not tear, peel or sag. The warranty does not cover metal parts: cracks, broken threads, etc. The engine cushion vibration warranty is also not provided!

The warranty is void if the part was installed with a hammer or sledgehammer instead of a press and if it was welded with a welding machine.

When sending abroad, a guarantee is also provided, but the client pays for the delivery, the Polipro company compensates the amount of delivery within Ukraine.

In accordance with the Law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", each customer has the right to exchange or return goods without damage and broken integrity of parts within 14 days after the purchase.

Return is possible in the absence of traces of operation or installation!
In the case of an exchange or return, the customer pays the cost of shipping the goods. If the manager's mistake was the reason for the exchange or return, the company pays the cost of shipping the goods within Ukraine.
An error means that the wrong product was sent, which was discussed when placing the order, or the product was sent with a defect.
The funds are returned to the card within 3 banking days after receiving the goods. Cash on delivery refund is not possible. The bank's commission is paid by the recipient of the funds. The exchange of goods for another is made after receiving the returned goods.

Installation Recommendations

If you decide to install the parts yourself, take a few minutes to follow the installation instructions to avoid the most common mistakes.

When installing polyurethane parts with metal fasteners, it is required to remove rust and rubber residues. If there are large abrasions, large shells, replace the fasteners or clean the metal parts from rust with fine sandpaper and polish. Paint the cleaned places with quick-drying nitro enamel. If there are burrs, remove them. In case of significant deviations and damage to the metal suspension elements, replace the damaged parts.

  • Spring bushings: when installing, lubricate* with a thin layer the earring pin + outer and inner part of the bushing;
  • Anti-roll Bar Bushing: When installing, apply a thin layer* of anti-roll bar at the mounting point, the inside of the clamping bracket and the bushings.
  • Shock absorber bushing: when installing, apply* a thin layer of grease on the spacer bushing and the inside of the bushing. The outer part of the sleeve is not lubricated;
  • Silent block without outer metal cage: lubricate* with a thin layer when installing. Use a taper arbor unless otherwise specified;
  • Silent block with outer metal cage: no lubrication* is used during installation;
  • Shock absorber strut bushing (link): no grease* is used during installation.

Lubrication* - Before installing polyurethane parts, unless otherwise noted, lubricate metal contact points with a waterproof lubricant.


We recommend the following waterproof lubricants:

  • Based on Litol -24;
  • Imported CV joint greases using lithium soap - a thickener;
  • Copper grease MOLYKOTE PG - 54, - 110;
  • FORUM fluoroplastic grease for CV joints and bearings.

This will prevent abrasive particles (soil, sand) from entering the deformation gaps at the maximum angles of operation of the suspension elements.

ATTENTION! Features of the technology and the process of casting polyurethane isomers allow the formation of small shells and shrinkage voids on the surface of parts. These surface defects are not defects and do not affect the declared performance of the parts.

DO NOT wash polyurethane silent blocks and bushings with solvents containing acetone, ether, etc.