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Partners of the company "PoliPro" can be: car dealerships, online stores, service stations, tuning studios, taxi services, transport companies, agricultural enterprises, as well as all interested legal entities and individuals.

We have developed discount solutions for all segments of our market. We want both the garage master and the auto shop to receive a discount on our products, and, of course, to develop our own network of dealers. we have three discount solutions, for each of you, with a different percentage discount, which can increase depending on the increase in sales.

Level 1 discount 10%. This level is mainly aimed at craftsmen who repair cars in garages, small service stations, small auto shops or just the initial stage for everyone, which will allow you to probe the market, as well as understand the sales segment in which you can be in demand. In order to get a 10 percent discount on the order amount, you need to make a total of 5 orders. And already at 6 you will automatically receive it.

Level 2 discount 20%. This level is perhaps the most common among our customers. These are mainly car shops, service stations, farms, agricultural enterprises, and motor transport enterprises. To get a discount at this level, it is enough to make 10 orders and already at 11, in automatic mode you will receive a 20 percent discount

Level 3 discount 30 percent. This level is designed to expand our dealer network. Mostly partners who make online stores for sales, stores on the prom platform, wholesale stores, service stations where the number of posts starts from 10 go to this level. To get a discount of this level, the monthly sales volume must be from 50,000 UAH. At the same time, the dealer receives an unloading of all goods for his online store, a personal manager, access to the dealer base for placing an order on his own, access to all the remaining goods, access to a partner chat and much more.

Required condition. You must have at least 5 orders in the last three months.

The discount is calculated by the database automatically and is also withdrawn automatically if the conditions are not met. The manager does not warn the customer about this.

An order is considered an order for orange silent blocks with a hardness of 65ShorA (standard) and is not subject to a promotion or discount according to other loyalty systems. If you have several orders per day, the goods are processed in one order, provided that the goods are in stock and sent on the same day. Warranty, discounts for silent blocks of a different color and stiffness are not provided.

Cooperation with the company "PolyPro" is a guarantee of reliability and confidence in your partner!

We are ready to provide consulting support to partners on all issues during business hours.

On this issue, you can write to us at marked "Partnership".

Leave a message on the site in the Contacts section.

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