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The suspension of trucks in most cases is equipped with non-split axles that operate under constant torsional and tensile loads. Rubber silent blocks of trucks are the first to suffer from such conditions and fail before other suspension parts.

The first signs of wear on silent blocks are:

  • Deterioration in controllability and smoothness of the machine
  • Knocks when driving
  • "Looseness" of the suspension

Long-term driving on worn rubber bushings of trucks leads to expensive repairs of other suspension parts (wheel bearings, tie rod ends, etc.). The range of spare parts for foreign trucks does not always allow you to buy the part from the warehouse. You have to wait several weeks for your order. In such a situation, the car owner loses time and money.

Polyurethane truck bushings

Polyurethane silent blocks for various models of trucks (KAMAZ, GAZ, VOLVO, Scania, MAN) from the PoliPro company will help solve the problem of the fragility of rubber bushings on stabilizers. The properties of polyurethane silent blocks of trucks have shown their effectiveness not only in laboratory tests, but also in the realities of domestic roads.

Advantages of polyurethane stabilizers

Compared to original rubber silent blocks, polyurethane bushings for trucks have the following advantages:

  • Increased suspension life. The properties of the material make it possible to increase the service life of stabilizer bushings by 2–3 times.
  • Preservation of properties during operation. Polyurethane bushings retain elasticity after tensile and compressive loads, and the material itself does not crack.
  • Versatility. Polyurethane allows us to produce a range of parts for various car models, including custom-made ones with varying degrees of material hardness (from 45 to 90 Shore units).

Regeneration of stabilizers

As practice shows, abrasive materials (sand, dirt) get into a worn bushing, which leads to wear out of the stabilizer seat itself. In this situation, the PolyPro company offers regeneration of the part by manufacturing a smaller internal diameter of the silent block. To do this, just send the worn-out spare part by mail, and PolyPro specialists will regenerate the part within 3-5 days.

Buy polyurethane silent blocks for trucks

The PolyPro company offers a wide range of polyurethane silent blocks for buses and trucks in stock and on order. The website contains a catalog with available spare parts in the “Trucks” section.

Delivery of spare parts for trucks is possible through the courier service of Nova Poshta to any point in Ukraine and abroad. If difficulties arise, managers will help you choose the necessary spare part or accept dimensions for an individual order.