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Silent blocks for passenger cars

The main problem with the chassis of a passenger car is rubber silent blocks (stabilizer bushings). Due to constant exposure to vibration and shock loads, the rubber bushing quickly becomes unusable.
Untimely replacement of silent blocks for passenger cars leads to additional loads on other components of the chassis, reducing their service life.

The problem of the fragility of rubber silent blocks can be solved by using polyurethane as the main damping material from the PolyPro company. The elastic polymer has high performance characteristics and does not lose these properties during operation.

If necessary, a polyurethane suspension part for passenger cars can be made to order, as well as “for production” of the seat. The saving of time and money on auto parts is obvious here.

Advantages of polyurethane spare parts for passenger cars

In the production of silent blocks, the PolyPro company uses imported 3-component polyurethane, which has a number of advantages.

  • Durability. The structure of the material allows you to increase the service life of auto parts by 3–5 times in comparison with original rubber bushings.
  • Resistance to temperature changes. The operating temperature range is from -25 to 110 C, without loss of its properties. At low temperatures, polyurethane does not harden or crack.
  • Vibration isolation. Polyurethane perfectly absorbs vibrations, increasing the comfort and smoothness of the car.
  • Versatility. The ability to produce polyurethane spare parts for passenger cars of different models with a variable degree of hardness (from 45 to 90 Shore units).
  • Saving. You can buy polyurethane bushings cheaper than ordering a new assembled auto part.

Buy polyurethane suspension parts for passenger cars

The manufacturer PolyPro produces polyurethane spare parts for passenger cars of various brands. If the required spare part is not in the catalog on the company’s website, it can be made individually to order. To do this, just send the manager the required dimensions of the part.

A 1-year warranty applies to all products of polyurethane spare parts for passenger cars from the PoliPro company without mileage limitation.