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Our products Polyurethane ball joint boot

Products Polyurethane ball joint boot

What is the purpose of the ball joint boot?

  • Firstly, to protect against the penetration of dust and contaminants into the lubricants of the hinge.
  • Secondly, to prevent the loss of these lubricants.

Therefore, such a protective cover is very important for the operation of the ball joint. You need to regularly diagnose its condition in order to notice cracks or breaks in time. Otherwise, there is a loss of lubrication when the integrity of the ball joint boot is violated, and contaminants get inside the hinge and begin their destructive work as an abrasive. The mechanism wears out prematurely.

Install a polyurethane ball joint boot to reduce attention to this assembly. This elastomer is stronger and more durable than rubber, and it withstands high tensile and twisting loads, temperature changes and is more resistant to aggressive substances.

You can buy a polyurethane ball joint boot from PoliPro, which is a manufacturer of polyurethane parts.

Polyurethane ball joint boot for Lanos, VAZ, Ford, Mazda, etc. at the manufacturer's price

The manufacturer PoliPro has a whole catalog of ball joint boots for all car models. Ball joint boots are exact copies of original parts, but surpass them in terms of service life.

The universal ball joint boot can also be installed for the tie rod end.

You can choose a polyurethane ball joint boot for Lanos, VAZ of all models, Ford, Mazda and other car brands at the manufacturer's price on this website or from our partners. PoliPro provides a 1-year warranty without mileage on all parts.

Call the numbers at the top of the website to check availability and sizes needed, and to place an order. Or email us at