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The Ukrainian company «PolyPro» manufactures and restores polyurethane products for cars, special equipment, agricultural machinery and other tasks. The company is located in the town of Shostka, Sumy region, and supplies its products throughout Ukraine, as well as abroad. We produce exact copies of rubber parts, keeping their characteristics. We back up confidence in the quality of PolyPro parts with a 1-year, excluding mileage, written warranty.

PolyPro company in numbers:

  • since 2011 we have gone from a small manufacturer of silentblocks in the garage to a reliable supplier of polyurethane products

  • in 2018 we moved to a new production facility, and in 2019 we opened a brand store in Shostka

  • about 30 qualified employees ensure the operation of the enterprise without days off and holidays

  • we produce more than 23,000 auto parts using 3,000 ready-made molds

  • our team is able to produce from 300 to 500 products per shift

  • products are made of 3-component injection molded polyurethane, which retains its properties at temperatures from -25⁰С to +110⁰С

Production of silentblocks from polyurethane: features of products from PolyPro

Polyurethane for cars is superior to rubber in terms of strength, wear resistance and resistance to aggressive environments. This makes polyurethane bushings and silentblocks more durable and saves time and effort when repairing a car. Therefore, more and more car owners from VAZ to electric vehicles decide to buy polyurethane suspension parts. It becomes almost indestructible on good roads.

Sometimes owners of used foreign cars can't find a suitable part, and they have no other option than to order new polyurethane parts or refurbish original parts.

Also, agricultural machinery and other heavy machinery require regular replacement of consumables, so durable polyurethane products help save on the purchase of expensive imported spare parts.

In these situations, PolyPro offers a good solution. We produce from polyurethane:

  • silentblocks with and without an external clip;
  • stabilizer bushings;
  • engine cushions, frame cushions;
  • CV joint anthers, ball anthers;
  • bumpers and shock absorber supports;
  • crankshaft damping pulley and propeller shaft support;
  • elastic couplings;
  • spacers to increase clearance, etc.

We also make parts to order according to the parameters you specify.

We have forms for products for cars of almost all brands. Therefore, we manufacture and ship the spare part you need in 3-5 days. The most demanded parts are for Audi 100, 80, A6, Mercedes E 190, W 140, Mazda 3, Renault Master and Nissan Leaf.

Products from PolyPro are famous for their high tensile strength of the connection of metal parts with elastomer. To do this, the manufacture of silentblocks and other products from polyurethane includes two stages:

  1. Metal parts are degreased and sandblasted.
  2. A special primer is applied to the treated surface, due to which the metal and polyurethane are tightly connected.

Where are polyurethane parts used?

Among the main parts in the suspension of a car, where polyurethane materials are used, there are:

  • Bushings of front and rear suspension arms
  • Anti-roll bars and silent blocks
  • Tie rod bushings
  • Anthers of ball bearings and swivel joints (CV joints)
  • Air suspension parts
  • Rack mounting bushings
  • Suspension travel stops

In addition to suspension parts, polyurethane spare parts are also used in other components and assemblies of the car, replacing ordinary rubber consumables. These include: engine mounts, crankshaft damper pulley, silent blocks of subframes, link bushings, fastening of joints, etc.

The scope of application is not limited to passenger cars. You can also buy polyurethane silent blocks and bushings for trucks, trailers and special equipment. Given the large mass of vehicles, we use polyurethane material, which increases the reliability of the nodes in comparison with conventional rubber.

Advantages of polyurethane parts in car suspension

The main advantages of polyurethane parts from PoliPro are:

  • Durability. Due to the high strength and elasticity of the material, the service life of the part is increased by 3-5 times in comparison with conventional rubber bushings and silent blocks.
  • Wear resistance. Suspension units during operation are constantly exposed to an aggressive environment (dirt, sand, chemicals, etc.), which acts as an abrasive and increases wear. Polyurethane bushings have high wear resistance.
  • Versatility. PoliPro offers products for various car models, which can be selected in the catalog on the website. If necessary, you can make an individual order, taking into account the development of fasteners.
  • Improving vehicle handling characteristics. Polyurethane stabilizer bushings and silent blocks do not lose their characteristics during the operation of the car, thereby providing good resistance to loads, as well as reducing the level of vibration when driving on a bad road due to good elasticity. These factors have a positive effect on the handling of the car.

PoliPro uses high-tech 3-component polyurethane with different degrees of elasticity (from 45 to 90 Shore units). Our silent blocks have a high resistance to tearing, and also quickly restore their shape in the process of deformation. The technology makes it possible to manufacture parts "for production", in case of wear of the seat, which is typical for stabilizers and transverse rods. Thanks to this, you can buy polyurethane silent blocks that are superior in quality and service life to original rubber parts.

Where to buy polyurethane bushings in Ukraine without an intermediary?

The PolyPro company makes and sells own production in shop in Shostka. You can buy spare parts for cars with worldwide delivery in this online store or through our Facebook page. We also have official partners in these and some other cities.

In Ukraine it is possible to buy polyurethane silentblocks of different quality. Therefore, some are not happy with their purchase, and some remain dissatisfied. Some focus on the color of the products, but the quality does not depend on it. The manufacturer can paint polyurethane parts in any color.

We advise you to choose products not from intermediaries, but from direct manufacturers or their official partners. And also read reviews. You can find out what our customers write about PolyPro products, and leave your feedback on our pages on social networks, YouTube channel and Viber (+380674188704).

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