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Our products Polyurethane plug of a rack of the stabilizer

Products Polyurethane plug of a rack of the stabilizer

What subtle but important part of the car's suspension takes on the main load during emergency braking, different tire pressures on the same axle, driving over bumps and pits, or driving through a «speed bump»? Stabilizer bar bushing. Therefore, it must be resistant to:

  • twisting and tearing
  • stretching and compression
  • friction and vibration.

Stabilizer bar bushings suffer from excessive loads in the realities of Ukrainian roads, and rubber bushings become consumables that need to be changed frequently. Not surprisingly, elastic suspension elements made of polyurethane are becoming increasingly popular. The polyurethane stabilizer bar bushing from PoliPro (Shostka, Ukraine) makes it possible to replace this consumable less often and make the assembly more reliable.

How to order a polyurethane stabilizer bar bushing?

Proven quality polyurethane is used for the production of polyurethane stabilizer bar bushing from PoliPro. Therefore, our spare parts can withstand heavy loads. The rigidity of such bushings corresponds to the rigidity of rubber analogues and doesn't increase the degree of wear of the rack itself. We confidently provide a 1-year warranty without mileage, but they can be used up to 5 times longer.

Stabilizer bar bushings for Lanos, Audi, Opel, BMW, Mazda, Nissan and other car brands are often in stock or can be made to order within 1—3 days. You can order a polyurethane bushing of the stabilizer strut anywhere in the world through this website by calling the above numbers. When ordering a set in the amount of 2000 UAH. we deliver free of charge across Ukraine.

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